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French president

The French had the first round of their presidential election yesterday. Next month the second round will be between Chirac and Le Pen. The last one was a major surprise as everybody had expected left wing Prime Minister Jospin to reach the second round. He was beaten by controversial extreme right wing Le Pen.
This is a scary thought. One of the most important and powerful countries in Europe has to choose between a conservative right wing candidate and a fascist. No good can come out of this.

All over France there have been protest today. There were socialist asking their voters to vote for Chirac in May. A banner today said, "Vote for the crook, not the fascist". It might be cynical, but it comes close to reality.

We're not heading the right way in Europe at the moment. In the Netherlands there are elections coming up next month as well and a big headed conservative has been grabbing attention for the last few months, even though he has no policy whatsoever, he still is doing well in the polls and threatening to become a major power. In the UK Blair is the most right wing Labour politician in history and in Germany the conservatives are winning at regional and local elections, while prime minister Schroeder is mainly debating if his hair colour is natural or not.

Which country is good enough at the moment? Where can I migrate?
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