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Reid, Geleijnse & Van Tol - Fokke & Sukke, het afzien van 2001 (02-008)

If I count well, this is the seventh book about Fokke & Sukke. They are two ducks, who appear in cartoons in several Dutch newspapers and magazines. Somehow I guess that they must have been invented as a parody on Donald Duck, as they do wear a shirt and a cap only, but the fact that you can see genitals already shows that they are not as innocent as the famous Disney character.

Fokke & Sukke comment on what is happening in the world and they are not very subtle. During the foot and mouth outbreak they sell sheep illegally, they are moaning about the e-mail they should have had from their foster parents child and confuse Bin laden with Santa Claus, as they are both rich men in a dress with a beard. For everything that happens, Fokke & Sukke have a comment. This one is about 2001, perhaps I should buy some of the older ones as well. I like their cynicism.

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