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Mart Smeets - Oranje boven! (02-014)

Another book by the best sports journalist from the Netherlands. He keeps producing, just as I thought I was up to date again, a new book hits the shelves. This one is about him abroad, visiting sports competitions everywhere. The ever-present Dutch fans make an appearance quite a few times in this book, hence the title, referring to the national Dutch sports colour orange. The thing is, unfortunately, that a huge majority of Dutch fans are not real sports fans, they are just arrogant bastards who like to see their country win. Like Smeets, I think there is nothing wrong with supporting your team, but if you do not like the sport, do not bother. His well-known face gets insulted quite a bit should some athletes happen to fail. His opinion is asked by the plebs, but not always appreciated. When in Sydney he thinks he is the only Dutchman not to wear any orange. More or less at the same time I wrote exactly that sentence in my column in the local newspaper. You've got to admire a soul mate. Perhaps I'm jealous as well. Whatever he does, whatever he writes, it always is published, his books are sold in huge numbers as well. In the meantime, I have to pay internet time to get my little pieces in a free newspaper, two years later still waiting on the reimbursement of my expenses.

Nothing to do with his quality though. He writes interesting articles and columns, has an incredible knowledge of certain sports (NBA, MLB, Cycling) and is over-average on most other sports. And he's not afraid to show his opinion.

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