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The search for some Canadian travellers

In Tegucigalpa, the capital of Honduras, I found a travel log/diary in a cheap and dirty pension. It had been there for a while, the guy who worked there told us. I decided to take it home and somehow find its owner to send it. Up until now, I have not really searched. I have resisted the urge to read it, but had to flip through to get some clues. There are some bus tickets in there:

Jamie Ryckman and Elizabeth Record (from Tapachula to Guatemala, march 1, 2001)
These are hand-written tickets, the second name seems a bit weird to me, but it could be me.

Another bus ticket for Elizabeth Record (from Monterrey to Tampico, 28 Feb 2000)

A ticket from changing money on the name of Jamie Anne Riedman (also in Guatemala)

The first entry in her diary (the writing seems feminine, the names above suggest the same), is from February 17 1999 (She forgot the last nine, but the second day, same page has the complete year)

In the back of the hardcover book are provisional calendars and many budget calculations. In between are some names from, I assume, people she/they met on the road:

Jasan Harvath (St. Patrick st W.)
Klaas Nijenhuis (Rockwood)
Gerardo Salinas Ganza

The second name is Dutch, the address isn't. The last name is Spanish, but it only has a telephone number with it, no country code.

I lost a parcel myself while on the road, I gave it to some travellers who were nearly on their way home to sent it to me from there, they never did, or it never arrived. I know I would be happy if someday the books, maps and pictures showed up again. I guess Elizabeth or Jamie (or who else lost their journal) would like this book back. I just don't know where to send it. So, with LJ being such an international community of helpful people, with plenty of travellers among them, who knows, I might find them. So, please help me find them. Crosspost or link this entry wherever it could possibly be of any use.

Elizabeth/Jamie where are you?
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