The more traveling I do, the more wise I become (gerbie) wrote,
The more traveling I do, the more wise I become

Book 20

When in the city the other day I realised I was going to finish book 19, the tennis novel, before I was on my way home. So I had a perfect excuse to buy a new one and as I was close to dumpstore/booksale anyway I found a new one, hardback for the grand prize of $1.95. And I am very happy I did buy it, as later that night, while waiting for the train home, it appeared to be 45 minutes late. Not only that, but because of the delay I missed two bused and ended up waiting another 55 minutes at the busstop. In the end the journey home took me two and a half hours, for a journey that should normally take something like 40 minutes. Don't you just love public transport. In the same amount of time back home I could have crossed the whole country, over here I probably could have walked home even faster. Oh well, nothing I can do about it. But back to my book, which I had nearly finished by the time I got home you can imagine.

20. Dean Albarelli - Cheaters and other stories
As the title already indicates several stories, apparently his first book. All of them about some form of cheating. Not bad actually, I was pleasantly surprised by some stronger stories, others weren't that brilliant. I liked the different backgrounds of the characters. Guessing by his name he must have some Italian blood, having lived in Ireland (according to the cover) and obviously his native USA, the author seems to be able to replace himself inside the heads of all these people. Worth spending time on.
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