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Ko van Geemert - Hi-ha-hondelul (02-023)

Not so much a reading book, more like a study. A book trying to find out about poetry about sports. While there is plenty of literature about sports, poetry still seems an exception. At least that is the impression I get from reading this book, could be a Dutch thing, I'm not sure. However, judging by all bookshops I have visited in dozens of countries, my country is not unique in this. Over hundred years this book covers, still it does not read any further than page 153. And even then, this is a book about poetry, which gives plenty of examples. Not much to talk about then. Which suits me fine, as I think poetry is not something that needs extensive study. You like it or you don't. You do get a deeper meaning or you don't. You get something out of it or you don't. This doesn't mean I don't like to read it, just don't like to read the stories around it. So to save you from any further, just one translation. It is an ode to Piet Keizer, spectacular winger of the great Ajax of the early seventies. The author is Remco Campert, one of the best authors of the post war era.


Dark times, black days
a ray of light once in a while
when on the football pitch
you use your slow geniality
to free yourself from a defender

Those that come after us
will never know
what we dreamt
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