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In about 5 hours time the alarm clock will wake me up, at a time I'd prefer to go to bed instead of having to get up. I have to catch an early train, even then I'm taking a risk, less then 10 minutes at the airport before check in. I like taking risks like that, travelling is boring when everything is arranged. Same thing with a room. I haven't got a clue where to go tomorrow, I just hope there is something still available on Tenerife, although it is high season. The student over there already mailed that the Human Resource manager does not have time for an appointment. So he doesn't mind us sending a cheap multilingual young girl over there, but he doesn't want to speak to somebody who comes over from the Netherlands? We'll see to that. I guess with the very little preparation I've got, I might have more time off than I had anticipated. Oh well, no real problem I guess.

The second part of the journey should be okay, the mother of the student in Torremolinos already called, they live one village down the road there, will arrange a hostal for me as well. Should all be fine then. Obviously, the last part is the best: a week's holiday. I have been looking at the map, there is quite a bit to see and do in Andalucia. Perhaps I should stick to one or two cities, leave something for future visits ;-)

So, that's it LJ, you won't be seeing me her until the middle of August. I hope you all have nice holidays, take care of yourself and be careful with attacking chipmunks.

Tot ziens Nederland, hola España!
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