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Book reports

As I have read a lot of books during my holiday, also while away, a lot of reports still will follow the coming weeks.

Hard Gras 28 - Giphart en de meisjes (02-027)

Football stories that are timeless. Hugo Borst writes the best one. I get more impressed every time I read a story by him. This time he writes an impressive portrait of one of the best wingers in Dutch history: Coen Moulijn. Obviously there are a lot of anecdotes about football in it, but basically it is about his disabled son. Eyewatering beautiful. Simon Kuper writes about football during the second world war and all the problems related with it. The titlestory is written by popular writer Ronald Giphart, who joins the Dutch national ladies team and goes on a trip to the Czech republic. They lose, his story is funny as ever. A few other stories complete this edition. There used to be an English equivalent of this series: Perfect pitch, I've got 4 numbers, after that I haven't seen anymore. Which is a shame, as I'm sure plenty of these kind of stories deserve publishing.

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