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De Muur 1 (02-028)

De Muur 1 (02-028)

From the same publisher as Hard Gras, a new series have started about cycling. 3 of the best Dutch cycling journalist have taken the task to edit the stories by several well known, though also some lesser known cycling addicts. Obviously they wrote a story each themselves. Jungmann about the unfairness of the sport, which actually adds to the exitement. Smeets about the silent hero from Spain: Indurain and Wagendorp about all Dutch cyclists who should have won the Tour, but haven't. Highlight of this book is the story by Wilfried de Jong about Gino Bartali. He had the luck to interview the old campionissimo a few years ago. I have seen a part of it on television then. Here he tells the whole story about the old men, a few years before his death, still addicted to the sport than made him who he was. Another great story is the story from the unknown Dutch cyclist Vos who left the Tour the very same day as the famous Zaaf and ended up on a drinking sprawl in Paris with the African legend. I'm afraid this might be another series I have to keep up with. And another one I need to aspire to write for one day, after writing cycling stories myself for over a year now.

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