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Tessa de Loo - Het rookoffer (02-029)

Tessa de Loo - Het rookoffer (02-029)

The tragic story of an affair between a female teacher in her thirties and a student half her age. The story is told in reverse order. So we know the end, while every chapter we know more about how it could have happened, an interesting way of telling a story. It actually adds to the book, as some things become more and more clear while you continue to read. The idea obviously isn't new, but I'm sure a lot of teachers could imagine things like this happen. I know I can, though I haven't really been tempted (yet?). In this story at least, she is the one suffering most. It always looks like the teacher is the strong one, the one who uses, but throughout the story, this does not seem to apply here.

Good book. Tessa de Loo has become one of the best export products of Dutch literature. Especially her story "Twins" about two sisters growing up seperately in Germany and the Netherlands has become a major international bestseller. "Het rookoffer" would deserve a translation as well.

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