The more traveling I do, the more wise I become (gerbie) wrote,
The more traveling I do, the more wise I become

Books update

While travelling there was obviously plenty of time to read again, it even got to a point that I finished everything I brought, ended up swapping books I wasn't even sure I wanted to read. The list continues:

21. John Hersey - The wall
Incredibly realistic. This is the one I referred to earlier. I swapped it in Nicaragua for a big one about Guatemala, started reading it in Venezuela and only continued a couple of weeks back. Did finish it soon after that though. A very detailed account of what happened in the Warsaw getto with the jews. Harsh, unbelievable, but with a sense of humour in it. Recommendable.

22. Paul Theroux - My secret history
I also swapped this one. It was at the end of the season I worked in Menorca (summer 97) and I swapped it for one of my uniform polo's. It was one of the big ones that always tempted me from the shelf, but I never got round to starting it. I actually forgot that it even had an insription from the previous owners, John and Sophy, wishing me well. Thanx!
It is a fictional book, even though most people will know Theroux from his travel writing. Several stories about the same main character in different periods of his life, different places of the world. Another biggie, but also one I finished quicker than expected. Says enough.

23. Peter Abrahams - A perfect crime
A crime novel, recommended by Stephen King, who I do not really rate to be honest. The book wasn't brilliant, the end a bit disappointing.

24. Betty Mahmoody (with William Hoffer) - Not without my daughter
Everybody knows this one. You might not have read it, you might have missed the movie, but the story about the American woman, trapped in her husbands Iran is very famous. I had started it years back, but had to give the book back to my cousin before I finished it. This time I read it all. I can't actually remember much of the film, though I know I have seen it. The book annoyed me this time, as I realised how very one-sided it has been written. Everything Iranian is bad, everything American is good. If I want to see the world that simple I will watch cartoons! Betty is inconsistent, narrow minded and not someone I can feel sorry for, even though she's been through this horrible history. Why do you want to keep your husband's name after all this, even though in the middle of the book you already wished him dead? No sympathy on my behalf.

25. Hialeah Jackson - The alligator's farewell
Crime/detective, based in Miami and the everglades. Easy read, inbetween book. Still prefer Hiaasen.

26. Giulio Saggin - I did
Australian from Italian ancestry who returned from Scotland to go around his own country hitchhiking. And as a photographer he takes pictures of everybody who gave him a lift. Very good idea, good read, some good pictures. While travelling around the country myself an appropriate book.

27. Sandra Brown - Blindes vertrauen
This is where things started to become desperate. Nothing to read and a hostel book shelf without anything tempting on it. That's when you opt for an American novel translated into German. It wasn't as bad as I feared. I actually quite enjoyed reading this one. The original title was 'Exclusive'. A good story about the death of the baby of the president and everything that comes with it. Power games, investigations by a journalist, several changes of fortune and some interesting revelations. All in 540 pages. Better than expected, better than some other books I rated higher on first sight.
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