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Mike Gayle - Dinner for two (02-038)

His fourth book, I suspect all of them to have autobiographical elements in them. The main character in every book by Gayle is an aspect of his own personality. This is not automatically a disqualification of the book. Just do not expect any deep thoughts, any vision, anything remotely philosophical. What you do get is worth buying the book. Plenty of laughs, a pretty accurate view of modern times, hilarious observations, brilliant conversations. Gayle knows exactly how the thirty-something of these days lives, he knows how his generation looks back at their youth, in their memory only a short while ago, in reality half their lives ago.

In this book music journalist Dave ends up working for your typical girlie magazine. He takes over the agony aunt page and becomes Doctor Love. Everything seems to go without any problems, until he gets a letter from a 13-year-old who claims to be his daughter. He meets her and knows she is right, a holiday romance onenightstand comes back with a vengeance. After that, things are getting out of hand.

Brilliant book, nearly impossible to put down, all 364 pages demand to be read in one go. Please do so, especially if you're from the same generation as Gayle and me.

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