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Hard Gras 31 - Grote kleine spelers (02-048)

Hard Gras 31 - Grote kleine spelers (02-048)

New issue of Hard Gras, football literature as it should be. This one is a special about big small players. I.e. players under 1.69m who still became stars. And even though I like the idea, to me this number is one of the least interesting issues of the series. Great idea for an article, too much for a whole book, imho. Still, reading about Jesper Olsen, Romario, Allan Simonsen, Maradona, Strachan, Rivellino, Tahamata, Davids and other small stars is very interesting. The pictures are nice as well. Uncharacteristally Hard Gras. Sponsored as well, if I understand well. Oh well, the first out of 31 I wouldn't have bought. But I subscribe and I'm happy I've got my series complete still.

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