The more traveling I do, the more wise I become (gerbie) wrote,
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Boudewijn Büch - Over Redmond O'Hanlon over Boudewijn Büch (03-002)

Boudewijn Büch - Over Redmond O'Hanlon over Boudewijn Büch (03-002)

It's hardly a book. Two stories from two travel authors. About each other. But in it's compactness it does say a lot. They tell how they met, what they think of each other, why a friendship evolved from an interview they once did together. Very interesting, as you get to see the author through the eyes of another author. And what anyone who has ever read a travelogue by any of them already knows, is confirmed again: one has to be seriously different to start writing travel books. For the word different some people might want to read the words insane, idiot, weird or anything out of the ordinary. To me that's what makes these authors worth reading. I see the ordinary all around me, I want to read about interesting things and a good travel book makes you want to go and leave yourself. Therefore I have to stop myself from reading too many, as it would undoubtedly set me back in my current progress into normality. Perhaps I should use these two as an example. Perhaps I should read more of their books.

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