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Irvine Welsh – Glue (03-004)

Irvine Welsh – Glue (03-004)

Front runner of Scottish writers during the last decade. Trainspotting a big breakthrough, several very popular books on his resume. His 2001 book is called Glue. Four main characters that are being followed in their lives up until then. Obviously all four of them are from Edinburgh and a lot of the stories go back to the wild night life and football. All very recognisable. This, to me, is immediately the problem. Apart from having to read in the Scottish dialect he chooses to use for all his characters, the book doesn’t really tempt me to hurry. I have read it completely, dutifully did a chapter every night before going to bed, but at no point I was temped to read on and miss another hour of sleep. A criminal, a dj, a drugs dealer, it’s more a case of been there, done that, bought the t-shirt. I expected more of Welsh, reading Filth made me eager for his next book, after reading glue I’m sure I’ll buy his new book Porno regardless, but it might be on the shelves for a while before I actually start reading it. Good book, but not as good as I hoped it would be.
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