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Stephen Fry – The stars’ tennis balls (03-007)

Stephen Fry – The stars’ tennis balls (03-007)

After several books by Stephen Fry you just know that the main character of his books will be a very intelligent young man, your typical Oxbridge material. If you can get beyond the predictable bit, again you’ll have to admit that Stephen Fry has written a brilliant novel. It is the only type he seems to be able to write, not that there is anything wrong with writing brilliant books.

It all starts in 1980, when the main character, Ned, confident enough to look to a future that seems very bright. Still, at some point you can lose control of your life. This happens to him, the consequences are extreme. The book portrays him from 80 until now, over twenty years of his life. And life isn’t always fair. Life treats Ned badly, but he meets the right person to make sure he gets back the control over his life.

Fry is always very good in describing one strong character in his books, the whole world seems to acknowledge the brilliance of this one person. You can’t but help feeling this person, which is a great quality in my humble opinion. Even though I think the end is not in the same league as some of his previous books, I still consider this book one of the highlights of last years crop.

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