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Harrie Jekkers en Koos Meinderts – De zingende zwanehals (03-008)

Harrie Jekkers en Koos Meinderts – De zingende zwanehals (03-008)

Jekkers used to be the lead singer of a band called Klein Orkest (Small orchestra). Not only did they make some great songs, they managed to get a message to their listeners. Two great albums in the beginning of the eighties have so many songs on them that at some point in my life have become really relevant, it is almost scary. 20 years on I still listen to their songs.

After the band split up, Jekkers went solo, in the Dutch theatres. Great songs, some funny stories, an evening entertainment. The funny stories were written together with Koos Meinderts, a life long friend. Mostly they wrote children’s books, but a few novels came out of their word processor as well. The most famous one became a tv-series, about a school, with the acting debut of Katja Schuurman, nowadays one of the biggest stars in the Netherlands. I have seen the two men together on an evening in a student club, before they actually performed in a regular show. They created a great atmosphere, some songs, some funny anecdotes and a few stories from their books, they felt exactly what the crowd wanted. Last month in Amsterdam I bumped into their fourth novel, the only one missing in my collection. Obviously I had read it, in the days I still visited libraries on a regular basis.

In the train home I had visited my book, so I started reading it again. Funny story about a plumber who becomes a singer overnight, but loses money on bad management and bad planning. Nearly 200 pages, still one reads through it like a train, compliment for the writing style of the two friends. Humour from the Hague, for the lucky few who can still find it somewhere.
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