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Sometimes sports can be such a brilliant spectacle. Erben Wennemars just became world champion on the 1500 meters speedskating. He is a sprinter, specialist on 1000 meter, but also good on this distance. He always starts like a madman and hopes to have enough energy left for the last lap. He lost a lot of his advantage in that last lap, but it was enough to finish first. Only one race after him, with two of the favourites though, so he wasn't sure yet. The look on his face after that race was unpayable. The big eyes of a small child who just can't believe what he sees. Mouth open, head back, his face looks like a striker from a Scottish second division football side. He starts jumping, not knowing what to do with himself. Hands wide and up, resembling an Italian at a funeral of a loved one. His tears make mine come out as well.

Wennemars is talented, but also very human. He tends to suffer from stress, therefore at big championships missing out on the prices. Sometimes he is overconfident, hence overestimating his own powers. An interview with him is always a treat. He talks faster than he skates and always has a stutter in his lines. He is open and honest and makes for brilliant television. Today he won and he deserved the win. He has beaten everyone, nearly a second ahead of the second place. In the interview afterwards he claims to be the happiest man alive. A little boy, a lovely girlfriend, getting married and a world title. It'll be in the books still when he is a granddad. And the tears came back.

I sat watching with goosebumps on my arms..
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