The more traveling I do, the more wise I become (gerbie) wrote,
The more traveling I do, the more wise I become

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Life can be beautiful

Yesterday I cycled to work again. I realised how nice it can be on the way home. Okay, it takes me an extra half an hour, so a whole hour on a day, but it certainly is worth it. Not only is it good to get some exercise, the road is nice as well.

I live in a small town, the place I work is a little city. In between there is 16 kilometres of rural area. So there I am, late afternoon, no coat, as it is a lovely spring day, hardly any cars, as they all tend to stick to the bigger roads. The smell of being outside is around me, sometimes a bit too much smell to my liking, some farmers spray shit on the fields, but healthy nevertheless. On my walkman a tape from 1991, the best of the top 100 alternative hits, so Pixies, Nirvana, This Mortal Coil and de Raggende manne in my ears. I sing along some songs. The sun is gradually changing colour in the distance, on its way to warm people on different continents. A man in a suit like Hannibal Lecter, including matching hat, is gardening on a dust track, which I assume must lead to his house, though it is not visible.

Though I´d pick culture over nature every time, I enjoy this 50 minutes of being outdoors. It is a good way to close the day.
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