December 4th, 1999


Gerbie on tour 2

Hello everybody,

I am sitting at the Tampa public library at the moment where I have to spent some time after missing the bus at the Greyhound terminal this morning. Time for Gerbie on tour, part 2! The second week of my journey I have been staying in Vienna, VA with Rich and Margreet and at Columbi, MD with Frank. Therefore I was able to use their computers, answering my e-mail and updating my homepage (Dutch language stories only, Sorry!) but also to see a lot in that area, so I have seen Alexandria, Georgetown and the old harbour of Baltimore now. Apart from that I did pop into Washington DC once more, revisiting the Vietnam memorial, which I think is incredibly impressive, and had some good discussions with a peaceactivist near the White house and somebody who was homeless in a nearby park. After I had stayed long enough at my friendly hosts, it was time to move on. I bought a 7day pass for the Greyhound and am using it in abundance ever since. First destination Richmond, VA. After an hour I realised I didn't want to stay there anylonger, therefore I took the overnight bus to Nashville, TE. Got a speedcourse in country-music, did some sightseeing and heard an overdose of the music as well, so time to move on. After another night in the bus I arrived in Charlotte, NC. To me this was the most disappointing I have visited in the US 'til date. Just a mall, with no obvious entrances and a few churches near is all there is to see in a relatively big city. The next day I arrived in Charlestown, SC, where an afternoon was hardly enough! Lovely coastal town, very nice athmosphere, apart from that nice short-sleeve weather (in december!), so recommendable for everyone. After another long night in the bus I arrived in Florida, where within 20 minutes I decided that Orlando only has tourist-ghetto's, so I decided to move on to Tampa, where I am now. Hopefully I'll end up in Clearwater today, seeing Frank once more, who is here on bussinness somewhere, apparently, then on thursday I finish my first part of the USA visit when I fly to Santo Domingo! So, that's you updated again, keep sending me mails, even though I might not have time to answer them all, I do read whenever I can and really appreciate any mail! 'til next time it's goodbye from Gerben