September 13th, 2000



it's been too long now. I'm just hanging around here and want the games to begin. That's why I'm here in the first place.

^&&%(*%*& Computers

I've been at this place for a couple of hours already and this is the fourth computer I'm trying, all the others are bloody shite! Keep getting problems and windows closing on me. Why can't they just rent out reasonable machines?

old newsletters

I think some of my old newsletters fit in here perfectly, just need to date them again, as I haven't done so while writing them. So I am anti-dating the entries, hoping they are approximately correct. Therefore the first entry remains the same (beginning of July) though it doesn't seem that way anymore.

last time today

just planted all newsletter in here. Until now hardly anybody noticed that I missed out number 13. Not out of superstition, but because I hadn't got a clue when I was writing number 14, so to be sure I numbered it 14. Rebel me, eh?

Anyway, now everybody can read back my whole journey since last november and comment on it, if they wish to do so. Do feel free.