November 4th, 2000


additional information to previous entry

When I was referring to working in the title, I wasn't referring to the physical activity (or mental activity for some of us) for which you get rewarded, therefore able to make a living, but more to the meaning of the word 'work' as in functioning. I.e. I had to rewrite my newsletter at least four times with computers crashing on me and hotmail not wanting me to send big attachments. So the version down here is the final one. I reckon the link isn't working towards my pictures but one of these days I hope to create a small temporary website for them.

The newsletter was number 20 by the way, something I forgot to write down here as well.

As coming back to the work work bit, I probably might not bother anymore looking for a job, as I want to travel again next month and a job for less than a month is probably not worth the effort.