November 18th, 2000



I'm bored. I've completely had it here in Sydney. The thing is that our f%^&*-landlord suddenly needed a weeks's notice. It's the first time she mentioned it, but she has a big bond, so I can't afford to just let that flow away.

Wednesday is Marcela's birthday, I bought some tickets for the opera house, expensive, but one of those things you'll have to do once in a lifetime I guess. We're going to a play, but I'm not even sure what it is about.

I've had a tv-watching night yesterday. First the Royle family, another classic episode with Anthony's 18th birthday, after that the first Austin Powers, which I hadn't seen, as I almost never see movies immediately and finally some old policemovie in the Bronx with Paul Newman. Not worth it, but I couldn't be bothered to change channels. At least it was better than most crap I had to see lately when somebody else is at home. The other week I even had to miss out on French and Saunders because we had to watch the 195th rerun of the Sound of music. Don't let anybody dare comment that it's a classic, therefore worth watching. It's not. It's shite!

So today another internet session to break the day. 3 dollar unlimited time. I am updating my pictures website I started last week. All Olympic pictures, no visitors yet. Want to see it:

Also some of my Dutch cycling stories have been published on Only for those who can read Dutch though, even though it's a good site, with some English parts as well for anybody who likes cycling!