November 20th, 2000


More about books

I even have to reset the clock in this stupid computer, but I am using the cheapest rental place, by far, possible, so I can't really moan I guess.

I sold a pile of books earlier this afternoon. Something I hardly ever do, something I don't like either. The first shop didn't even want the books, the next one gave me 8 dollars for 16 books. Not really much is it, some of them were read only once and looked still new. But I haven't got a choice, can't possibly continue travelling with all those extra kilo's in my backpack.

Good Will Hunting

I saw this movie on television last night. It was actually the second time I saw it, but I still remain impressed. One of the best movies I have seen in ages. If you want to see my personal favorites go to my website (link at the bottom) and then go to my lists. (I hope it's still there, I've had some problems updating my site and are constructing a new one at the moment)