November 21st, 2000



It is funny to read the list of most popular interests. By far the most popular one is music with 3772 mentioning it. At random some comments on interests I encountered.

Writing (1891), does that mean there's nearly 2000 authors here, or do they just mean scribbling here?

Reading (1856), as above. Are there really that many people who really pick up a book and finish it? Real books I mean. Why don't I read about it then?

Poetry (1180), we're getting very far from popular beliefs here aren't we? Elite definitely.

Cats (791), sex (783). So more people like a cat than having sex? Strange bunch here.

Tori Amos (496), Tori wins the vote for most popular person in the list. What does that say about us? she's in my list as well actually..

Animals (421), food (421), coincidence or do we just love to eat animals? I can't recall finding vegetarianism in the list.

Philosophy (406), I'm impressed. All 400 of you actually knowledgeable or just interested?

Thinking (253) hmmmm, is that an interest? I can't stop myself from doing it, but why would I list it?

Guys (443, 219, 119), Why does this one show up three times? Is this about different types of guys? Same goes for mp3's btw

Stuff (198) what is that supposed to mean?

God (158), Korn (158), Trees (158). Another coincidence. All at the same popularity level. I wouldn't want to choose between the three of them. I'd probably end up as a tree lover..

You (115). How very nice of you? really?

Does this say anything about the users of LJ? I don't know. Don't care either actually. I like useless statistics. Give me more of them!