November 22nd, 2000


Some more reading

Hello, welcome to my next book report.I have managed to bump into some good books again, as I have probably a talent for that, then again, it probably comes out of dedication. If you're extremely hungry you always seem to find something edible, even though it might not be your favorite meal.

41. Roddy Doyle-The snapper I am slowly progressing through his work. The one he won a prize for (Paddy Clark Ha Ha) is not the best one in my estimation. The Commitments is his best known, after the succes of the movie. Apparently this one was a movie as well. The book is good. No, correct myself. Very good. Went through it in two days, it was difficult to put down. For non-native speakers the Irish dialect that pops up occasionaly can be hard, but in all it is a very easy book to get into. You can just imagine this whole family the book is about. To me father and daughter resemble the ones in the BBC-series the Royle family, one of the best comedies on tv nowadays. The story is faitly easy. Daughter gets pregnant, in catholic Dublin not the best option for an easy life, especially as nobody knows the father and she's not prepared to tell. The lifes of the whole family get influenced by it, if they want it or not. But in the end, they're still a family.

42. Ricahrd Condon-The entwining
I wouldn't know how to put a label on this book, no category seems appropriate, even though some people need to do that all the time (I am not sure if I am one of them actually). Swapped in a hostel for a thin one, this one was big and took me a while, though not as much as I thought. The story is about an orphan girl who lives her life using her mother's diaries as a bible. And according to those diaries she's destined for greatdom. The first female president of the United States of America. And she does well, until, on the point of getting nominated as the vice-president, which would mean four years of president-training, the shit hits the fan. Her whole life seems to fall apart. Interesting read about powergames and politics, but also destiny. And you keep being curious until the very last page. No nobel prize winner, but definitely a good book.

43. Mary Higgins Clark-Und tot bist du
I found a German book somewhere and as I nearly ran out decided to read it, as I had heard of the author before. I don't know the original title, though it is not really necessary, as I wouldn't recommend this one to anybody, unless they like mindless reading. Four stories with the same main characters, though everything is very one-dimensional. And again the American president plays an important role. Where does this fascination come from? Apart from that is a 42 year old ex-president not very logical I'd say. One of the best presidents in history, who got elected at 33 or 34? Get real! And his young and lovely wife, who he met the day before the next president was sworn in, turns out to be a sort of hobby detective who in one book, over the course of 3 years resolves a murder, thought to be commited by an ex-minister, a 33-year old murder of a central american prime-minister, a badly organised kidnapping and one more case, that I can't even remember anymore, even though I only finished the book the day before yesterday. Not really a recommendation then, I guess.

44. Helen Fielding-Bridget Jones's diary
I had to read this one rapidly as it belonged to one of my fellow travellers and she left soon afterwards, but I managed in 5 hours (two nights). Easy reading material can be concluded. Highly appreciated in the press everywhere. I wouldn't say it's brilliant, but I had to laugh out loud quite a few times while reading. In the style Adrian Mole made famous, Bridget is a thirtysomething, who hasn't got a boyfriend yet, struggles with her weight, doesn't have a really good job and a family full of problems on top of it. Thoough sometimes a bit farfetched, other parts seem fairly real life stuff, that everybody could recognize. That's probably the strength of it as well. Buy it if you've got plenty of dosh, borrow it, somebody you know must hae it, it has been sold milions, if not the library will have it. It's a light and entertaining read.