October 6th, 2001


user pictures

I've created myself some new User pictures. Found out as well how not to use a default one. I'm getting to become a fully grown LJ member. Perhaps I should start considering becoming a paid member.

So no more monkeys from me. I'm the one behind the termitemound btw, in case you're wondering.
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Lyrics (haven't done this for ages)

Our Own Vietnam
words: Marco Roelofs
If the trees in former Yugoslavia could talk
they could tell you a little story
A story you don't wanna hear,
a story of hate, aggression, rape and fear
The almighty United Nations sent out troops to
control the situation
But while showing the world their superiority,
they got fooled and became
part of the genocide of a nation
And now they find the bodies of ten thousand
slaughtered men
We have our own Vietnam!
The United Fuckin States of America kept their hands dry
They learned their lesson back in the sixties
But United Naive bastards thought they could trust the enemy
They thought they could trust the enemy...
We have our own Vietnam!
All this time during that war they told us, LIES, LIES, LIES, LIES
Told the women 'yes, your husband will return' LIES, LIES, LIES, LIES
And now they can no longer say 'we did what we could' LIES, LIES, LIES, LIES!
All this time during that war they told us, LIES, LIES, LIES
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Tribute to heroes

My mother had watched the tribute to all the heroes on video (it was broadcasted in the middle of the night over here), but had hardly recognized anybody. I had to watch it with here today to enlighten here. I could tell her some names, but was surprised by the number I didn't know. Please help me with some of the names:

The lady in the first hour, sitting at her piano, I thought to be Oleta Adams, but later thought it wasn't.
A group covering Pink Floyd's Wish you were here
A lady in the second hour, also behind the piano, blond with a style resembling a bit Tori Amos
The one we thought at first to be Celine Dion, singing God Bless America, but then thought that they wouldn't let a Canadian sing that song.

Please help us.
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