October 7th, 2001


fantasy baseball

This is what it should be like. Down to the wire. I was leading most of the time in my midseason league. My last competitor fell down, but a new one came up. Thursday for the first time in ages I was not first anymore. Friday I was back in first. After yesterday I was second again, today is the final day. I need one point to catch up. The HR category is extremely close. Beltran hit 2 today, I had three in total. I'm not sure but that could be decisive. I'm so curious, I hope Yahoo will update soon tomorrow!


My computer is acting weird. Well, it's not even my own. But when I check my friends page, nothing has changed since I last checked 12 hours ago. And exactly the same thing happened ten minutes ago on a different site. Is this another twilight-cyber-zone?
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