October 19th, 2001



Always playing with numbers, I started calculating after I decided to count the books I read this year and wrote reports here in Lj. While on the road, I easily managed 10 a month, I estimated that I would still manage 100 books this year anyway. I think I won't. The last few weeks I have been to busy to just sit down and read. Apart from that, with the weather brightening (september saw me cycling to work only twice, which is the exact amount of days I took the train this month), I do not even read in the train anymore. The book I'm reading, by Iain Banks is good enough to eagerly continue, but I am a victim of my own curiousity. I read the paper every day, most of the times two different ones. I buy magazines (Sportweek, Nieuwe Revu, Aloha, Johan) and read some at work (Vrij Nederland). I subscribe to two magazines (Amnesty's monthly magazine and When Saturday Comes, a British footy zine), which have piled up during my absence, so I have started reading recently all the back issues since late 1999. I get another one (Carp) for free, which is ideal toilet lecture. Not only is it shit, it takes a shit to read it completely. I have to view to news every day, I watch trivia quizes on tv, I tape interesting programms on tv. There are just not enough hours in a day. I just don't get to read books anymore. Next week in the train, I'll have some time, I already look forward to it.
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