October 20th, 2001


Hein de Kort - Pardon Lul 3, van je retteketet (01-087)

Hein de Kort is my the cartoon author I like best, his cartoons are full of bad taste, gags nobody would even consider funny and ugly people. They are predicatable and repetitive. And I love reading them. This book is a collection from what he had published in Penthouse. Olympic sports as wanking far and pub fights, stories about his classic couple, a tiny man with glasses, the ultimate loser, and a huge fat lady, usually wearing flower dresses and able to squeeze him just by having sex, animals having it off orgy style and twenty types of turds, De Kort can't be accused of style. Which is probably why I have a whole, nearly complete, selection of his books. Blind trust make me buy them as soon as I see a new one in the shops.
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