December 25th, 2001


John King - Headhunters (01-094)

Welcome to the life of the lads. Carter, Balti, Will, Harry and Mango. Five young men in working class London. Their lives are easy. They work, they drink together and chase women. They even have a scoring system, their own sex division. Depending on how far you can get away with with a woman, they score points for it. It's a system of honour; the others have to believe you on your word. Carter, nicknamed after the band Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine, obviously is the runaway leader of their division. Mango, the only one with a good job pays a few times for the deed, but ignores that he had to cough up to get some points. Will falls in love and gets all serious, therefore isn't part of the league anymore. In the meantime Balti loses his job.

A good book on the life in Britain, certainly recognisable for plenty of Brits I'm sure. The stories of the five are intermingled, which guarantees a good read. After his debut novel, "The football factory", one of the classics on British hooliganism, King proves that he knows how to write a good book.
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