March 21st, 2002



* Tried translating Italian tonight. Didn't go very well.

* I'm using Kazaa since a week, not very chuffed with the programm to be honest.

* Was hoping to bump into Gerda online tonight, didn't dare calling afterwards.

* There has been footy on the tele for days, couldn't be bothered to watch for more than 20 minutes

* work has calmed down a tiny bit the last days. Exams'll start tomorrow. Next week I get the bulk of correction work

* after last sunday's draw we're still in with a chance on the title.

* I hope Laura gets better soon, a smile on her little face makes the sun come out.

* I get a lie in tomorrow! 3 cheers for me!
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    Tröckener Kecks - Ik denk nooit meer aan jou