March 30th, 2002


Cup football

Number 13, unlucky for some. I saw a great cup game tonight on TV. Ajax 2, the second/youth team of my favourite club was beaten in the semi-final of the Dutch cup. But only by penalty kicks. A recovering first team player, Fin Passanen missed the 13th kick, FC Utrecht made it to the final now.

Nothing to be ashamed of. The youngsters had a great campaign. They beat Haarlem, Stormvogels/Telstar and Volendam, all first division teams in the group phase. After that they beat De Graafschap and FC Twente, two top flight teams, the last one current holders of the cup. Today they lost to a team that qualified for Europe this season, though were not beaten. After going 0-2 down, they fought back to equalise in the 85th minute. In the extra time they had some chances, but to no avail.

Tonight's game was worth watching, unlike all international friendlies this week, unlike most champions league matches, unlike most league matches. From now on, I suggest all competitions should be knock out only.
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