April 3rd, 2002


Mart Smeets - Prikkels (02-005)

One hundred short stories. Equally divided over the four passions in his life: sports, books, food and music. 25 pieces on each subject, some of them columns from magazines and newspapers, others just for this little book. Some observations are sharp as ever, some of his choices of music are interesting (Bruce Cockburn). The books, all on sports, he has read are recommendable. Out of 25 my score is 6, two on the shelves waiting. Our tastes are fairly similar, the way we look at music, sports and certainly people are the same. That's what makes you want to read an author. Smeets is a certainty on my wish list, any book of his will end up on my shelves someday. I'm nearly up to scratch again.
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    Nick Cave - Murder ballads