April 24th, 2002


Song lyrics

Every once in a while I follow the lot around here and do my share of publishing some lyrics. I'm sorry for those of you who do not read German. The English title of this song is Airplanes in my head. 'nough said, it's a crap translation. Sometimes you just have to stick with the original.

Flugzeuge im Bauch-Herbert Grönemeyer

du hast'n schatten im blick
dein lachen ist gemalt
deine gedanken sind nicht mehr bei mir
streichelst mich mechanisch
völlig steril
eiskalte hand, mir graut vor dir

fühl' mich leer und verbraucht
alles tut weh
hab' flugzeuge in meinem bauch
kann nichts mehr essen
kann dich nicht vergessen
aber auch das gelingt mir noch

gib mir mein herz zurück
du brauchst meine liebe nicht
gib mir mein herz zurück
bevor es auseinanderbricht
je eher du gehst
um so leichter wird 's für mich

ich brauch 'niemand, der mich quält
niemand, der mich zerdrückt
niemand, der mich benutzt, wann er will
niemand, der mit mir redet nur aus pflichtgefühl
der nur seine eitelkeit an mir stillt

niemand, der nie da ist
wenn man ihn am nötigsten hat
wenn man nach luft schnappt, auf dem trocknen schwimmt

laß mich los, laß mich in ruhe
damit das ein ende nimmt

gib mir mein herz zurück..

p.s. obviously the choice of song is not coincidental.

Meindert Talma - Dammen met ome Hajo (02-009)

I knew I had to buy this book, when I first read a review, back in 1999. I only bought it a couple of months ago. Talma is very talented. Up until this book, I knew he was a musician. He tours with his band 'The Negroes', a name deliberately provocatively chosen. His music is experimental; he has made a few CD's. But he also writes. Columns every Saturday in the Leeuwarder Courant, in the Frysian language magazine 'De blauwe fedde' and in this book. It is a collection of stories about his hometown in the seventies and eighties. His hometown being in Friesland, parts of the stories are in the local language, Frysian, as it is the bi-lingual part of the Netherlands. Not as easy to read, but as I lived a couple of years in that province, I understand enough to get by at least.

The stories are very recognisable, it made me look for his age. He is a year older than I am, hence the flashbacks to my own youth, whenever I read another story. Meindert is your typical not very popular guy, but he is funny when he looks back at those years. Writers who dare make themselves look ridiculous always score points with me. Talma does. He uses quotes from his own songs as an introduction to his stories. It makes me want to run out and go and find a CD. It must be worth listening to.
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