April 27th, 2002


Several authors - Liefste (02-010)

Once a year it's week of the books over here. In that week books get extra attention, authors publish special editions of stories. In bookshops you get a free book when you spent a certain amount of money. The theme this year was love. So obvious that it hadn't been chosen yet in all those 67 years. For this special occasion it was possible to 'make' your own poetry book. On a website you could choose out of several 100 poems. The ten you'd like best were printed in a book, especially for you. As you had the chance to also write something on the first page yourself, I used the opportunity to put in one of my own, so this little book has 11 poems now. Mine in English (published earlier this year here in LJ), the other 10 in Dutch. One actually a song by a Belgian singer-songwriter, some funny, some a bit more serious. In total 11 poems about love.

A short translation:

J.A.Deelder - Rumour

'Rumour has it you're
getting married'
'is that so? I'm curious
who with'

Unique book this is, only two people in the whole world own this particular version of the book. I like that idea.
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