May 7th, 2002


tv addict

I can't remember watching television for so long as I did last night. Normally I just tape a few programms every week and watch them before I go to bed. I watch some sport and news and that's it.

Last night I watched the Flintstones movie on the Beeb, missed the hot news live and had to catch up for that. The murder of Fortuyn was a big event in the Netherlands. Several channels were reporting full-time and I have been flicking channels all evening to find something new. After midnight, when they started repeating the same interviews for the fourth time, I found that the snooker final was getting close to a result. Boring sport, but it still keeps you stuck to the tv for a while, the last two frames were suspense.

Finally I had to see what foreign channels were saying about the first Dutch political murder in history. By the time I had seen German, Belgian, British, French and American news I finally found the rest to go to sleep.

Luckily there are school holidays. No work for me. Plenty to do, plenty planned, but I can't seem to get myself to do something. After my lie in this morning (it was 4 am by the time I switched of the lights), there was more news, papers and more tv for me. Weird day.
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