June 4th, 2002


Great story!

Rockies 1B Helton named NL Pitcher of the Month

Yahoo was running this story. I never knew he also pitched. I want him on my fantasy team!
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How come everybody is discussing the penalty (in-out?) but nobody mentions the dive Rivaldo took. How come he was holding his head after getting a ball against his hand? What a sportsman...

BAN HIM! (at least two matches I'd say)
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My life at the moment, short.

My life at the moment, short (I'm sure nobody wants the extended version)

School: last lessons last week, exams have started. Busy planning next year, although I might not be the most appropriate person to do so. Started visiting students on their practical training.

Football: last training last week, busy making a photo album for the coach who is leaving. Also preparing to participate in the annual parade, local fiesta last weekend of June.

Fantasy sports: started well in Giro, won one stage, but last week I dropped out of the top. Baseball mixed luck. Leading in my h-t-h, 4th in my winners league, though close to the first. Still crap in LJFBL, though I left last place.

World cup: haven't seen a complete match yet, though I've seen most highlights. Like discussing in soccerfans

E-mail: getting too much spam, considering dropping hotmail. Should write some people.

Reading: not enough, as always lately. Perhaps this summer.

Writing: want to write more stories for LJ, wrote a few for the football fanzine and site, next deadline will be for cycling stories. This month a local book will be published (1500 copies I believe), I've co-written that one. Still hoping someday soon I start editing my travel stories. Soon will probably be 2013.

Coming up: weekend away with football, plenty of correction work at school, reunions and probably discussions/arguments over next year, mother's birthday, Tour de France gambling preparation, more students on practical visits, visit to Gerda, visit to Norbert, a night on the town with a group of former students.

How you're all doing?
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