June 5th, 2002


My students (8)

Soon after I took over this class, I knew these two ladies could be trouble. They stick together without any interaction with the rest of the class. And very soon I realised I could not trust them. They use their looks (they are both real neck twisters) to appear innocent and friendly, but underneath they try to arrange everything in their own advantage. At tests they sit next to each other and always have the same answers, sometimes the exact mistakes, though nobody actually caught them cheating ever. You just know they do.

They are a bit more mature than the rest of their class, a year older, a more mature attitude towards studying, they skip classes whenever it suits them, but always call in sick, to avoid any comments. Talk about mature, apparently one of them got married last summer, though in class she only refers to him as her boyfriend. It took me a while to know that instead of being extreme strict and severe, it was easier to let them go. You miss class? You have to do the exam, not me, know what you are missing. They have a certain cleverness though. One of them miss an exam, for the second sitting the other comes well prepared. They know we are extreme busy, we're a new school, so we haven't got time to make a complete new one, we adapt some questions, that'll have to do. And they use that in their advantage. They ask to see the first test, if they made it badly, but wait to the day before the next chance, not when they get their grades.

I have come to the phase that they do not bother me anymore. I've got more problem children, who need more attention or help. If this is how they want to play it, go ahead, it's your life. For group assignments, they are hell though. They miss so many lessons, it is impossible to make an appointment they keep. Other students suffer or blatantly refuse to co-operate with them. Today I had to sit an exam again, one of them was missing. Everybody was really busy, only she looked at me and gave me one of her smiles. Huge innocent eyes, beautiful face, lovely smile. I can imagine being happy at the fact that someone of that category, a decade my junior, looks at me that way. My only thought was that she was probably cheating somehow at that very moment, though I did not know how.
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