June 9th, 2002


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Tried to sleep in today, but the painters started next door at 7.40 am. They were outside my bedroom window talking and scratching. I was annoyed, had to shut my window, even though it is warm at the moment, but fell asleep again luckily later.

Worked a couple of hours on the computer today, comprising next years hour-schedule for my whole department. Not my job officially, but I'm convinced I can do better than my boss, so the result will be beneficial for all. Corrected the last two exams tonight, so I have had a complete working day in the end. No real problem, I already planned next friday of. While teaching it is impossible to just take a day of. Now that we have nearly one month to end the schoolyear with exams, re-exams, meetings, desk work etc. I might as well use that advantage.
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