July 2nd, 2002



I do get copious amounts of Spam these days. To keep myself entertained I thought I’d save the funniest subject lines. So here’s my top ten of best spam (although that’s a contractio in terminis):

1 GET HUGE JUICY TITS IN DAYS! (Where can I sign up?)
2 SCARE PEOPLE WITH YOUR HUGE DICK! (Why would I want to do that?)
3 WATCH ME DRINK A GALLON OF CUM! (could be me, but isn’t a gallon quite a bit?)
4 - - Earn Money In Your Sleep - - (finally somebody knows the secret. Why tell it to others?)
5 STEAL ANYONE'S PASSWORD AND READ THEIR EMAILS... (How boring would that be?)
6 THIS IS NOT JUNK MAIL 3RD TIME SENDING TO YOU... (so how come I did not get the first two mails?)
7 Do You Like Having Sex? (Is this a philosophical question?)
8 PUT HOLES IN CONCRETE WITH YOUR DICK! (a childhood dream come true, up until now I never managed to go beyond a simple dent)
9 I Told Him Not To Cum In My Mouth! (and now you tell us?)
10 GET ANY MAN OR WOMAN GUARANTEED! (Can I hire somebody to pre-read my mail as well, saves me from reading all this crap!)
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