July 9th, 2002


Keep searching

*Crossposted in several places, sorry for the inconvenience of bumping into it more than once*

After a recent success in which I found the owner of a notebook I found in a hostel in Honduras, I might as well try and see the if force of the internet is so huge, it can help me personally as well.

February 2000 I was travelling through Mexico. I met two German guys, we decided to continue together for a bit. This was in Guanajuato and Mexico d.f. After a week I continued travelling south on my own, they went home a day afterwards. As I rate German mail a bit higher than Mexican, I gave them a little bag to send home for me. Nothing of much value, though plenty of sentimental value. It contained a few maps of towns I visited, a few books in Spanish, some caps I bought for a friend, some illegal tapes and CD's and most importantly two films I hadn't developed yet. As you might have guessed by now, 2 years later, I am still waiting.

I have travelled for a week with Alex and Michael, I trust them and do not think they just threw it away, they must have lost my address. I forgot to ask them for an address myself. No chance of me contacting them therefore. So now, I try to find them. Their names are Alex/Alexander and Michael, they were from the black forest (Schwarzwald) in Germany, come from a fairly small town. They were around my age, early thirties by now and well travelled. They had been in Mexico for 7 weeks and I remember that they had made a similar big trip in Venezuela a couple of years before that. Michael was a carpenter (Tischler?), who worked for the company Alex' dad owned. Alex himself was an electrician (Elektriker?). They lived near the French border, somewhere in the north of the Black Forest, a town with a small lake closeby. This is all I know. Does anybody know them? Has anybody bumped into them on their travels? Is there any chance I get to see my pictures and other stuff back?

Please help me, bitte hilfe mir!

Thank you very much, danke vielmals.
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