July 11th, 2002


Arnon Grunberg - Liefde is business (02-016)

Sometimes when you lift a book, it seems really good. However, as soon as you start, you know that idea is a mistake. A tragedy written in poems. A whole story, but also a collection of poetry. It is difficult to get the correct mind to judge this book. How do I read it? Reading every chapter/poem as a separate one makes it easy to look at the poetry side, but you lose the story. I chose to read it as a story, though oddly told. That way at least I got the point of the book, at least the story. I'm not sure why Grunberg chose to tell his story in verses. It's not as if he knew plenty of rhyming words to use, it's modern poetry, the easy way, at least in my opinion. Don't get me wrong, I do write that way myself occasionally, I wouldn't condemn him for it. But in my humble opinion in this book, the style doesn't add to the story. This, if you chose to do it differently, should be the case.

Enough said about that. The story is not bad. An impossible love between the writer and whore C. Both in Manhattan and at JFK airport. Several times, she misses her flight, she nearly lives near a gate. The impossibility is visible in every step of their actions, but in the meantime, they still look out for each other, they can't let go. Interesting to see the process happening.

Not his best book, although I haven't read all of the yet. Don't know if it has been translated yet. Given the fact that he lives in NY, I guess it will have been by now.
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