July 15th, 2002


weight problem

I'm getting fat. Since the football season ended in may, I haven't done anything, no sex since months, I can hardly remember the last time I cycled to school, but I can remember all the social occasions with plenty of booze, fast-food and other things unhealthy. I should really do something, run or go to a gym, otherwise I turn into my father, who puts his empty cup on his tummy after finishing the coffee, instead of getting up to put it back on the table. I can feel my clothes getting tighter. Is this what getting older is about?
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Me, poet

Who for me! Poetry international thinks I'm brilliant, look at what they send me today...

"Dear Gerben,

Because you requested that we notify you of important poetic events, I wanted to alert you to the fact that the International Society of Poets Convention and Symposium, to be held in the United States Capital, Washington, D.C., from August 23-25, 2002 is now a complete sell out.

However, because you previously received a personal invitation to present your poetry at the convention, we are holding a spot for you and your guests – but we can only do so until July 26, 2002 when even you must be turned away.

As you know, it has been specially arranged for you to receive your International Poet of Merit Silver Award Bowl -- in honor of your poetic accomplishments -- just after you present your poetry in front of your fellow poets from around the world who will also be attending the convention.

And I know from experience that all of the attending poets are anxious to meet you, hear you present your artistry, and create lasting friendships with you. So please don’t delay! Take a quick look at the convention highlights and let us hear from you. It’s easy to register directly over the Internet too at http://www.poetry.com/poetscorner/register.asp.

We look forward to seeing you in Washington, D.C.!

Steve Michaels
Convention Awards Chairperson

P.S. Your Award is a magnificent work of art (a $175.00 value) that measures over 10 inches across and over 10 inches high, handcrafted in silver, with your name custom-engraved on a beautiful cherry wood base (see it here)."

I guess I'll give up my job and go to Washington, start a whole new career as a poet.
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Just read that my favorite politician of late (not that I agreed with him, nor his deeds) has died today.


Goodbye Senor Balaguer. You've helped me integrate into your country 10 years ago, when I took the piss out of you in front of my collegues. You've made history alive for me, wanting to know more about your lovely country. Plenty of people who saw you as the last representive of the Trujillo-junta, will be relieved.

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You'd say that the title of the last song was too much of a coincidence with the previous entry. It was purely coincidental though.