August 16th, 2002


At home

Hi there, first day back at home. Obviously I had a big lie in this morning, this afternoon just a quiet time reading the papers, I've done one week, one more and I'll be up to scratch again. Although I did peek around the corner a few times while in Spain, I must have missed zillions of things going on here on LJ. I missed you friends! So tell me, what has happened in your lives the last fortnight. What posts (link them?) should I still read, that might be easier than me having to go through the last eighthundredsomething posts on my friendspage.

I'll get some of the travel stories here soon, the first one in a minute. Glad to be back.
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First story from Spain

As I have written quite a few stories and jotted down notes for a few more, it might take a while. Don't expect lyrious descriptions about how nice Andalusia is though, you'll find them elsewhere on the web. My stories are just my perception.

Work trip

Obviously travelling for work isn't the same as travelling for leisure. Travelling for the sake of travelling I have called that on many occasions. I do not think that Bluefields in Nicaragua will stand out in the memory of many people who have been there. The road to get there will. That's what I mean with travelling for the sake of travelling. The main disadvantage of travelling for work is that you don't get to choose where you go. The advantage is obvious: The costs are put on the expenses account. I had already decided not to abuse that last rule though. Even when at home I would have had to eat and drink, so when I claim my flights and my lodging I think we've got a fair deal. I offer some spare time; they offer me a semi-paid vacation.
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