August 26th, 2002


just another travel story

While travelling you get to meet plenty of people, for me they are what makes the art of travelling worthwile. If you just write down what really happens, your imagination couldn't even come close to inventing some stories. I guess the next one is one in that category.


He is the second one I stop for that day. I used to hitch hike a lot myself, therefore I guess it's only natural that I return the favour whenever I can. The first one this morning was a Bask who lives in Salamanca and now travelled the coast in search of a job. In summertime at the Costa's, there are more opportunities than in the rest of the country. He was broke, still had not found a job and decided to return north. We had breakfast together, a little later I stopped to let him continue the main road, while I turned to the smaller roads that were the scenic route I had rented the car for.

This one is a bit older, he looked peculiar. I guess he has about one and a half teeth left. He goes to Villamartin, only the next town down the road, a few kilometres further. To start a bit of a conversation I asked him if Villamartin was his hometown, but he pointed to a group of houses at the end of a field to the left, "That's my village".
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