October 2nd, 2002


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Sorry I won't be posting much these days. Busy at school, missed several deadline for handing in exams already, it'll keep me occupied in the weekend again. Next to that 5 nights out in 8 days makes it complicated. You go months without any parties, now I've got an overflow. A few more deadline for some of my writings follow as well and a lot of visits to students in their placements. Still, in less than two weeks I'll be in the tropics. No moaning possible then.

Sorry for hardly reading your posts either dear lj-friends. I'm rather attached to my five hours sleep every night. Link me your important ramblings this week and I'll promise to read them all in the weekend.
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btw I forgot to mention that yesterday the social housing called and told me I was number one on a little house. (Finally). Still strange this phonecall coming a few days after I asked who to write to about their rules and regulations. I told them they didn't do anything wrong, they just applied the rules. I want to fight the rules. Now it seems I don't have to anymore. Can it be coincidence?

Anybody coming over to help me with paiting, wallpapering, moving a few thousand books and putting my cd's in my new house in alphabetical order?
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