October 12th, 2002


Hello dear friends.

Had a busy week at school, few weeks actually. Went to school myself for the second time Friday, had a lot of fun with my former colleagues Lideke and Trudy, learned a bit in the morning and thought the afternoon was a waste of time. I'm dreading the eight assignments I'm supposed to write the next months, the 11 Fridays will be a welcome break. Hopefully come spring I'm a qualified teacher. Last night I spoke to harns on MSN first, later to tammietam, it was late before my bed saw me.

I accepted the apartment/house I was offered, in two/three weeks I'll get the key. More busy times ahead then. Tomorrow I will leave for Sint Maarten for a week. To see Norbert again, an old study friend of mine, but also to have a break, enjoy the sun, see some beach, read some good books. Next to that I will do some work and hopefully next year some of my students will be working on that lovely little island. Gives me a chance to go and visit them.

Dreaded the news that a suicide bomber killed several in Helsinki. I hope invisiblechild is okay, as are all her friends and family. I am still trying to remember mixedresults's new name, but I'll read my friends list tonight, so I'll find out. Would have loved to discuss some recent footy developments with harryroberts, but I don't have the time, nor do I have the impression that he is following as closely as he used to. Can't remember reading much by the latina's caniche and mvp on my friends page, but I assume they are as busy as I am. spiralstairs at least was back within a couple of days after disappearing from here, but never posts a lot, so that's logical.

I really enjoyed my lie in this morning, deliberately haven't done much today, just reading some newspapers and watched cycling on TV. Should be writing a lot, but there'll be a time for that someday soon. Unfortunately my community sillypoetry is not very active, but at least it is not as busy as badpoetry where several users seem to be clogging everything that springs to their mind. Soon the NBA season will start, another fantasy team I need to manage. The baseball season ended with a 2nd a 3rd and a last place (ljfbl in my roto leagues and a 4th place in HTH even though I was a mile ahead in the rankings when the season ended at the start of the play-offs. I should be listening a bit more to tbone, the ultimate fantasy expert. The CD's I bought recently, Manu Chao live and Meindert Talma, are great, I am listening to Manu at this very moment.

Life isn't too bad, tomorrow this time I will be heading for the airport, another day further (local time) I will be in the tropics. Any hurricanes heading for the northern Antilles? Goodbye dear friends, I'll read your entries tonight and tomorrow, will be back a week later. Take care of yourself!
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Just read 320 entries of my friends list. I guess I'm up to scratch again. Still, I feel like I'm addicted, should be doing something more useful with my precious time.
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