November 9th, 2002


A quiz

I often rant against those stupid quizzes. But just because of that I had to take this one myself. So sorry if I spammed your friends page. You've done so on several occasions yourself (or haven't you?), now it's my turn.


You're a LiveJournal Junkie!

Well, maybe you don't live or die for LiveJournal,
but it's what gets you up in the morning.

Guilty of reloading your friends page over and over
throughout the day? Thought so.

Quick, get some fresh air - before you become a full fledged addict!

Are *You* Addicted To LiveJournal?

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Alexei Sayle - The dog catcher (02-040)

Alexei Sayle - The dog catcher (02-040)

Like myself, I guess most of you will remember Sayle as the psychopath in the Young Ones, where he played various Balkowski brothers, landlord, axe murderer, south african, Mussolini amongst other parts. He also had his own show at some point, though, in my humble opinion, it was disappointing. The Dog Catcher is a collection of (nine) short stories, apparently his second book. I haven't read his first one.

First story is the one that gave the book its title. Certainly a good opener, about a small Andalucian community where a group of expats live next to the locals. A girl finds her way into town and finds a way to make a living. The second story is about cycling, a sport close to my heart. I was considering a translation, I know a website who would publish it, but considered the end a bit too weak for such a big effort. "A cure for death" could have been a childrens story, whereas the best title definitely is "Who died and left you in charge?", the story isn't bad either. "Clive Hole" is a parody on modern management and bureaucracy, more recognisable than anticipated, we all know a Clive Hole, I'm sure. "The only man Stalin was afraid of" has a hint of politics in it, though, again i.m.h.o., actually is about fear. The last story, "The Mau Mau hat" is one of the stronger ones again.

Over all certainly a book I'd recommend. I guess Sayle's writing skills are similar to his acting skills. Good, very good, just not complete top. In football terms: qualify for Europe, but no titles won.
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