December 29th, 2002


William Sucliffe - Are you experienced? (02-045)

Another travel book. Now I do not travel very often myself, I need to read about it I guess.

William Sucliffe - Are you experienced? (02-045)

According to a review this book is a parody on backpacktourism, though chosen by backpackers as a cult book. As I used to be part of that group I had to read the book. And I have to admit it was fun to read. I had to get past my own cynical view before I could get myself to read someone else's remarks. Luckily I hadn't been to India, where this book takes place, so I started it with an open mind. It was easy to read, compliment for the author, very recognisable in lots of events, interesting in other moments.

Just don't expect this book to be a masterpiece and you'll certainly enjoy the view of Sutcliffe, who, I'm fairly sure, is the main character Dave in the book. Dave has one motivation for travelling through India: getting into the knickers of his companion of this trip Liz. I've heard worse excuses for travelling, but it does give you a bit of an idea about this book. So while Liz is really doing India like backpackers should (according to themselves), sniffing local culture, learning about the ancient wisdom and different religions, Dave is just curious about everybody around him and their reasons to travel. This is not easy with the heat, the poverty, the food and other tourists to make his world into a hell.

All in all a very entertaining book, not the classic the cover promised it to be, but certainly worth reading.
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